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Kasanoda Ritsu x Male!Reader
The red-haired male sighed and swiped his forearm across his brow to rid himself of the sweat that had gathered there. The garden club was hard work, but he loved every moment of it. Seeing the flowers bloom and grow made all of the work worth it in the end.
Right now, Kasanoda was the only member left at the school, since classes had let out a good three hours ago. There was still work to be done, though, and he had no real desire to go home so he had ended up staying past the club hours. It was becoming almost like a ritual to him, staying until the school's janitors kicked him off the grounds and told him to go home.
He took a swig of the water bottle next to him and leaned down again, reaching for a stubborn weed in the middle of a bush. That was when he heard footsteps and faint humming, which had him sitting upright again. He had half a mind to brush it off as one of the janitors passing through, until he caught sight of the blue of one of the school's uniforms.
Curious, Kasanoda
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 76 8
Trunks x Reader Chapter 5
Trunks x Reader
Chapter 5: The Ending of a filler that has done nothing for the story but to amuse me and to earn a few chuckles from you readers!
(A/N: I must apologize in advance for this chapter, it’s just really random, and a summary of Whisker Power, with some lines from you readers.  But after this is where the real story picks off, with a few timeskips.  I promise.  But I do hope you enjoy this goofy chapter anyway. :) )
Pan, Goku, (name), and Doma, hid to the side as Trunks tries to talk to Zoonama.  Trunks really isn’t that good of an actor, so they were having doubts.  And his high-pitch girl voice wasn’t all too convincing either.  But his performance was convincing enough for Zoonama though, he picked Trunks up and walked off.
They waited a few moments, knowing that if they followed too closely they would get caught.  But when it seemed that the coast was clear they ran into the forest.  
They could barely see Zoonam
:iconpoke-melody:Poke-Melody 59 21
Nordics x Mute! Reader: Easier Done Than Said
“I love the snow.” You said to yourself as you were walking to the house of your friends, the Nordics. You were staying with them while your place was going under construction. You held a couple plastic bags in your hands filled with your purchases from the grocery store. You breathed in the cold air as you smiled. You were about half way to the Nordic’s home when the winds started to pick up. The snow that was picked up in the wind was so thick you barley could see where you were going. “Well there are the bad sides of the snow I guess.” You told yourself as you heard a cracking from above as you looked up seeing a large branch tumbling down on top of you.
[Nordic’s POV]
“Are you sure you don’t need any help, Sweden?” Finland asked as he and Sweden were on their way back from cutting firewood. He shook his head as he held the stack of firewood on his shoulder.
As soon as they saw their home in sight Hanatamago stopped and looked do
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 691 139
Allies x Blind! Reader: Seeing is Believing
“I’m coming!” You yelled at the teapot whistling with steam coming out. You sighed as you made two cups of tea, two cups of coffee and a cup of (your favorite hot drink). You put the drinks on a tray and brought them in to the living room where you found five of your friends. America and Canada were playing videogames. France was flipping through a magazine. Russia and China were watching the North American brother’s game. You set the tray down as you handed China one of the teas and handed both brothers each a coffee.
“Thanks, ______.” America said taking the coffee.
“Thank you.” Canada said in his soft voice. “Did you add…”
“Maple syrup instead of sugar.” You smiled. “I did.”
“Thanks.” He said again drinking his coffee.
“Coffee at this hour?” China asked taking a sip of his tea. “Another great tea, ______.”
“Thank you China.” You looked around.
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 772 147
Allies x Sick!Reader: Thank You, Guys (Request)
“What was that?” You groaned lifting your head off your pillow after hearing a crashing sound. You sat up rubbing your eyes before reaching over taking a tissue and blowing your stuffy nose. You were taking care of your six sick friends before you got yourself sick. You slide your slippers on as headed down the hall to see what your friends were doing or destroying.
“What do you think you are doing?” You heard a British accent.
“It wasn’t my fault dude! The table got in the way.” You heard an American accent.
“What’s going on?” You asked with a nasally voice. Both your friends England and America looked up as you as you saw a broken flower pot on the floor.
“I’m sorry ______.” America told you as he saw you in the door way. “I backed up into your table knocking the pot over.”
“It’s fine.” You said opening the closet and taking out your broom. “I have another in the back yar
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 470 79
Ruby red :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 22,356 505 poke go :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 20,575 501 Juri .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,968 181 Axel. nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,603 271
{Kenpachi X Reader} A flower among weeds Pt.1
{Kenpachi Zaraki X Reader}

            Kenpachi yawned as he propped his head on his hand. He was bored. A month of peace and now he was back to his usual, tiresome routine. Today, however, should hold something interesting; he thought. His squad was ‘receiving’ a new fourth seat. If there was someone who the head captain deemed strong enough to be on squad eleven, no, to be a fourth seat on squad eleven. Though he was unsure as to how much merit Kyoraku’s opinion had, he wanted to see what this person had that made him so special. So he laid back in wait, the whole squad crowding the room. Ikkaku and Yumichika at his sides.
“Damn, it’s just a new squad member.” Someone whined. “Why does the whole squad have to meet the new member?”
“Come on, don’t say you’re not the least bit curious about a new fourth seat? When was t
:iconenthaga:Enthaga 184 37
Vaporeon Go :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,230 259
Mature content
sesshomaru X Male kagura .YAOI tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,694 111
Just One More : China x Male!Reader

Just One More

(China x Male!Reader)

A small groan escaped a certain (H/C) haired male, his eyes slowly opening to different colors of plushies, some bigger than him even. Smiling, (Y/N) stretched, his whole body feeling better afterwards and sat up, scanning the room with a happy gaze. The large room has been filled with many plushies and over sized teddy bears. Of course, (Y/N) didn’t have a problem with it, since it was pretty cute and a nice decoration, but he felt like there were limits to things like this too.
Getting up, he walked to the bathroom and rolled his (E/C) eyes since he saw posters even hanged up here. Quickly taking a shower and changing into (Outfit), he walked to the kitchen to smell breakfast already cooking. Dumplings and Soya Bean milk have already been placed on the small table. Walking over and hugging the taller male, (Y/N) smiled up at him, “Morning,” He muttered as China smiled down at him, his light br
:iconlaughtercreatesfairy:LaughterCreatesFairy 194 8
Alucard.NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,746 303 Rarity. modern portrait. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,904 377 Horoscope series .Capricorn. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 24,485 695



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